Capturing the Moment

Capturing the Moment

Capturing the Moment


There honestly isn’t anything I don’t love about fall. The day was a perfect example of the beauty of New England in autumn.

I was waiting at the reservoir by the walking paths for my husband and son to arrive. The plan was to attempt to get a photo of Nicholas for our holiday card. He loves going there because he gets to feed the fish and walk the trails. It’s usually such a wonderful time. That day, however; I didn’t expect that.

I was fearful that this moment in time would go from a quiet little haven with the sound of leaves falling from the trees, looking out at the water, to our son telling us that he didn’t want his picture taken. “Ever”.  That’s usually the way it goes.

He surprised us.  He had a blast, and we were able to get some pretty great pictures that day.  I think the key to getting a great shot is to throw out that planned, picture perfect moment in your head, and just catch them having fun.  Isn’t that the key to capturing the best moments always?

What are some of your unplanned, favorite moments?

Xoxo- Joyfully Mom


  • Katelin Knust

    As a child, I was the oldest of three siblings. One of our absolute favorite seasonal memories came amidst a Midwest ice storm. Our home had an exterior entrance into the basement. When rained turned to ice, that entryway had about 2 inches of ice caked on top. Of course, this looked like the perfect backyard sledding hill, so we threw some wet snow on top and used our sleds to fly down the entryway for an entire afternoon, braking as we slid into the hedge. 🙂

    • J. Marie Popovic

      Katelin – what a fantastic story! I love it!!!

    • Sounds like you made some wonderful memories that day, Katelin!! Seems like a perfect day!

  • beth kelley

    We had so many great moments when the kids were little. That was such a fun time. I loved the lazy days which we just do not have anymore.

    • Perhaps a family vacation is on deck for you in the near future so you can all have a few lazy days to look forward to?? Hope so 🙂

      • beth kelley

        coming up soon!

  • Yes…it is so important to cherish little things like this, and not let them escape. I’m so glad you got to capture them in such a tangible way!

    Emma |