This Year is THE Year!

This Year is THE Year!




Home-CelebrationI have big plans for 2016.  BIG.  I’m planning on sticking to my resolutions and being able to look back on New Years Eve and know that I have accomplished my goals.  Here they are:

  1. Finish what I start.  Home projects, lofty ideas, cleaning…..whatever I start doing, I plan to finish.  Nothing will be left for “another time”.
  2. Work towards a healthier me. I have already started at the gym, now it’s to eat more like I feed my son, who happens to be a fabulous, and very healthy eater, naturally.
  3. Keep those that are important to our family close.  No more time for people who don’t have time for us, feel like an obligation, or create an aura of negativity.  All done with that.
  4. Start my son in full-time kindergarten this fall and not completely fall apart.  Hey, I’m human.

What are your goals this year?  Share them with us!  Perhaps I’ll be inspired to  add another to my list and join you!

xoxo – Joyfully Mom