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There are some helpful website links that I always like to have on hand.  They allow me quick access to important information like recalls, safety concerns, and other resources that I find invaluable.  I think you’ll find them helpful as well.

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission –

Safe Kids –

Safer Car –

Consumer Affairs –

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration –

Toy Association –

American Association of Poison Control Centers –

If you have other websites that you find useful as resources, please share them below in comments!

xoxo – Joyfully Mom


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  • Katelin Knust

    With all of the resources out there today for moms, I wonder why my mom didn’t need them in raising three kids! We must have been pretty easy: didn’t drink poison, didn’t eat anything crazy. I think the worst awkward doctor’s visit was when I stuck a blue M&M in my nose as a 3-year-old. Oops!

  • JeeYoung

    Great list! I also check american academy of pediatrics often!

  • beth kelley

    What a great resource list! I wish I had these things when my kids were younger.

  • Rachel Osborn

    Thanks for the info!!

  • This is such a helpful list. I wish I knew about them sooner. Thankyou for sharing!

  • Rebecca Greene

    Really great resource list. I’ve pinned to keep as a resource hoping I don’t need it though I do already try to check for recalls on a regular basis already.

    • Rebecca – thanks! Like I told Sarah, I’m going to continue to add to the list so it always stays updated! Check back!

  • Sarah Pierce

    Great list!!! Will definitely be saving this one! Thanks for sharing