Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love For Little or No Cost

Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love For Little or No Cost

Mother's Day Joyfully Mom

Mother’s Day is coming! What do you plan to do to help your little ones celebrate the mother(s) in your life?  Whatever it is, it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, or be extravagant.  Most moms just love the reminder that they are loved and appreciated.

First, let her sleep.  It isn’t often she gets the opportunity to get a few extra zzzz’s.  Make a big “secret” deal out of it with the kids so you get their buy in, and after she has had just a little more rest than usual, wake her up and tell her that you love her and appreciate all she does for you and the kids.  Two gifts down, she already feels fantastic, and you haven’t spent a dime.  Below are a few more ideas from this mom that I think will make any mom feel super special this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Walk - Joyfully Mom

Take a walk together and have the kids point out all of the pretty things they see along the way.  Encourage them to tell mom why they remind them of her.

Mother's Day - Joyfully Mom

Pick all of the dandelions out of the yard (helpful too, right?) and place them all over the house in vases, teacups, and dixie cups. Make her a dandelion crown to wear that day.  It’s the simple things that mean the most.

Mothers day painted rock - joyfullymom

I bet you’ve grabbed some pebbles or rocks from some of mom’s favorite places.  Give the kids a few of them ahead of time and have them paint them as a special gift for mom.  She’ll always treasure it.

Mother's Day Painted Compliment Jar - Joyfully mom

Give the kids some paint and let them paint a mason jar, jelly jar, really any empty jar you can find.  Next, ask each of them the different things that they love about mom.  Fold it up, and place them in the jar.  Tie a bow on the jar, and then any time mom needs a pick-me-up she can look at one of the little notes from her little sweethearts.

Mothers Day Treat - Joyfully Mom

I love ice cream.  I love ice cream sundaes.  On Mother’s Day, calories rarely count, especially when you are sharing them with your little one.  Treat mom to her favorite dessert.  She’ll enjoy a “no guilt” treat.

Mother's Day - Kids Put On A Play - Joyfully Mom

How about you work with the kids (or just you and your child if you have one) to put on a short skit about mom?  I bet she’d cherish every moment!

Of course, some people are just swamped, and may not have the opportunity to do any of the hands-on prep that might come with some of my ideas.  In that case, a few ideas of low cost items include:

  • A photo book of her favorite photos.  We are so digital now that not as many people print out photos.  Being able to pick up that book and look through it occasionally will warm her heart.
  • Print a favorite photo to canvas.
  • Pick up her favorite take out dinner, set the table, and light a candle.  Make sure and do the dishes with the kids when you’re done!

Share this post with your significant other (I know I will), and hopefully you’ll wake (perhaps a little late) to a day full of some pretty special surprises.

What have been some of your favorite Mother’s Day surprises? I’d love to hear about them!

xoxo – Joyfully Mom




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