He’ll Be Just Fine…

He’ll Be Just Fine…

He'll Be Just Fine - Joyfully Mom

Today was rough.

My son has always loved his school. He will often cheer when we get to the driveway. Today, that wasn’t the case. When we arrived, he started by saying that he “shouldn’t have gotten in the car”, and that he “only wants mommy today”. It got worse when we got to the door. He refused to go inside, even with the gentle coaxing of the teacher he adores.

I know it happens all the time with kids, and although I haven’t spoken with his teacher yet, I bet he was fine a few minutes after she carried him in and I drove off, but this morning I just can’t shake it. Am I missing something? Is he still upset that one of his little friends would rather play with somebody else now?  Is it because he’s struggling somehow that I’m not catching on to?  Should I send him to camp this summer like he has asked? What am I missing? A morning like this can get you to start questioning absolutely everything.

We want to fix everything for our kids. We want them to be ok, to feel good, to succeed. This is such a little thing in the grand scheme of what’s to come, but regardless, I want to know he’s ok. I want him to keep loving his school. I’ve checked my email now three times while writing this waiting to hear that he’s back to his normal self. But I knew I did the right thing by walking away and not giving in. He’s in a safe, loving, and nurturing place. And he needs to understand that school isn’t an option.

There are blessings that happen when we are having a hard time. Today, one of the other moms saw me on her way in with her little guy and could tell how upset I was. She stopped to talk, and share that she has been in the same place.  I’m so lucky to have met the moms that I have at his school – a support system that I didn’t know I would have as we started on his educational journey. With all of the talk of how competitive moms are today, I wasn’t expecting what I have found in these other moms. I feel so blessed to be part of a community like this. Thank you, ladies. And thank you to my mom, and my friend Amber who also helped to talk me down this morning.  I’m surrounded by good people.

He will be just fine. I will be fine. And I’m sure this won’t be the last time it happens. If it happened to you this morning when dropping off your little one, you’re not alone. Keep you head up, mom!  “This too shall pass”, as my mom always says (and she’s usually right)!

Has this happened to you? How did you handle it? Please share your stories!

xoxo – Joyfully Mom



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  • Thanks for sharing this! I have mornings like this at least once a month where my daughter just doesn’t want to stay at school (normally a Monday after a fun weekend). It’s never easy to handle and we all need Mom friends to talk us thru these tough mommy times or to find blogs like this to remind us that we are all doing a great job and everyone will be fine.

  • When my kids were younger, they always wanted to go to school. Now that they are in high school, they just do not want to go because they are tired! ha. If I have to go to work, they have to go to school. It all works out in the end.

  • This is so true! I think we perceive moms to be a certain way sometimes and then right when we need it the most, we get some awesome encouragement from a kind mama. Great reminder and thanks for being honest!

  • LOL! I remember the teenage days well!!

  • Your #momtribe is certainly an important group of ladies!!!! Thanks for your comment, Gloryanna!

  • Hang in there too Christyl!! I know there will come a day soon enough when I’ll actually miss these mornings!