Planning Our “Mostly Unplanned” Summer Vacation

Our Mostly Unplanned Summer Break - Joyfully Mom

The end of the school year is almost here!  Nicholas is finishing preschool, and his last day is June 1st.  Now I’m asking the question every parent asks – how did it go so fast?

I want to be a little bit selfish this summer.  All him, all me, all the time.  He’s starting kindergarten in the fall, and I want to soak up every moment with him before full school days start.  When I asked him what he’d like to do, however; he said, “Go back to camp, Mommy”!  So, he is already signed up for a week of outdoor adventure camp with a local program we love, as well as a couple weeks of camp at his school.  They are both only half day camps, and he attended both last summer and loved them.  He would come home each day exhausted and at the same time excited to tell me about everything he did that day.

I don’t want to fill up all of his days though.  I want him to have the kind of summer that I had as a kid.  A mostly unplanned summer where you aren’t running from place to place, from practice to program, but a summer where we spent all of our time doing what kids do best, playing.

One of the things that I’m most excited for is our family vacation.  Some of my best memories of childhood come from family vacations.  I can’t remember one where I didn’t have a blast.  This year we booked a small, rustic cabin on a little lake in Maine.  We’ll be close to my parents who live a couple of towns over, but have our own space.  There are kayaks, a fire pit, a screened porch, and a direct view of the water.  Also, there isn’t any wifi (a fact that I haven’t yet shared with my husband).  It’ll be nice to go “off grid” for a little bit.  We’ll play games, spend the day on the beach, take a ride on a lobster boat, and grill  for dinner each night.  I’m already relaxed.  Ahhhhhhh.

Other than a week on the lake, my “plan” (if you can call it that), is to spend a lot of time in our backyard.  There will be lazy days with water tables, sandboxes, bubbles, and bikes.  We’ll build car ramps out of branches, splash on the slip and slide, play freeze-tag, and maybe have a lemonade stand.  Summer nights will be filled with midnight tag, catching lightning bugs for a night light, camping out, and perhaps a few fire pit fires with sangria for the mommies.  Nice and easy.

What are your plans for this summer?

xoxo – Jeannine

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  • Gina

    Those mostly unplanned summers are just the best! Want to play in the sprinklers? Done! Want to ride bikes? I’m on it! I can’t wait for those days with my son 🙂

    • I love it, Gina! I almost feel like a kid again this year going into summer! I can’t wait!

  • The Practical Saver

    My family always ends up doing unplanned summer vacations. This year, we are planning to go to Vegas with my family…no gambling just having fun.

  • My son starts kindergarten this fall too. I’m hoping to squeeze in a beach trip before school starts.

  • Your plans sound a lot like mine. We are doing a family trip to a lake too – my son is so excited to stay in a cabin. But, I plan to do one “big” thing a week – like the zoo or museum. Other than that, I love the lazy days. We need them! Hope you enjoy yours!

    • Enjoy yours as well, Kim! I have spoken to so many people who plan on taking it easy this summer!!

  • Lyndsey Piccolino

    Love it!! being not scheduled is oftentimes when the best things happen right??

  • Lauren DiPego Plotkin

    It sounds wonderful! I didn’t go on summer vacations when I was little but it’s something I want to do for my daughter. Enjoy!

    • Jeannine

      I bet you’ll have some amazing vacations with your daughter! I can’t wait to read about them on your blog!!

    • I can’t wait to read about the wonderful vacations that you take with your daughter!!