Valentine’s Day Gifts On A Budget

Valentine’s Day Gifts On A Budget

Valentine’s Day gifts can be done on a budget without any stress at all!

This past week I went to Target (of course), and hit up the dollar bins.  I found everything you see here for $18!  And that is for six Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Joyfully Mom - Valentine's Day On A Budget

Our goal was to make gifts for each of the grandparents, his Godmother, and his friend next door.  They are such simple projects that anyone can do them.  And if you don’t have a Target near you, try the Dollar Store. I’m sure they have similar items.

Our first project was a jewelry box for the ladies.  I picked up these absolutely adorable heart boxes.  He used the stickers and the stamps to decorate them, and then on the bottom, I wrote the year.  He loved making them, and they were super simple!


Valentine's Day on a Budget - Joyfully Mom

For the grandfathers, we made a sort of clip board that can hold either a photo or a drawing.  They were easy to do as well. I took thick pieces of cardboard from boxes that we had from deliveries, covered them in red construction paper, made holes in the top for a string, and then attached a cute little Valentine’s Day clip to the top to hold the photo or drawing. We used twine for the string. Then he decorated them with stickers and stamps before we attached the photos and packaged them up.  He loved it.

Joyfully Mom - Valentine's Day Grandpa gift

In my Target haul were some adorable blank cards.  He filled them each out and decorated them for his Valentine’s.  It was a simple, personal touch that made them even sweeter gifts.

Joyfully Mom - Valentine's Card

In the end, my $18 got me six gifts, inclusive of cards and wrap  The only additional cost is to mail them!  Super personal, and super easy!

Joyfully Mom Present Packaging

It’s easy to stay on budget with Valentine’s Day Gifts!  What are some of your favorites??

xoxo – Jeannine

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